Engineering Technical Services

Engineering Technical Services

Duration: 4 Years
Available: All Year

A Modern Apprenticeship in Engineering Technical Services is an exciting career path to follow.

Working within some major organisation you could be involved in projects linked to our Road and Transport infastructure or Rail Services.  Engineering Technical Services has a broad base of careers you can enter e.g. Railway and Traffic Signalling.

With this apprenticeship it is most likely that employers will look for qualifications at Higher Level.

Accredited by: EAL, SQA & SEMTA

Level 2 PEO – Performing Engineering Operations

You will spend aproximately 20 – 26 weeks here at P & J Training, where you will complete a minimum of 8 units of the PEO.  Thee units will include Health & Safety, mechanical and electrical. Certification – Level 2 PEO

Level 3 Skills Qualilfication

This worked based qualification will be delivered on your employers premises.

You will work closely with your mentor gaining evidence and knowledge throughout the 3 – 3.5 years of your appretncieship.  Our assessor from P & J Training will visit wvry 4 weeks to assess your work and support you throughout your training.

You will be working on a variety of projects to help you gain the knowledge you require and this can be both on and off site training. Certificate – Level 3 Engineering Technical Services.


You will attend college on a day release basis for 2 years to gain the minimum of a National Certificate in Engineering Electrical, you will also be required by your employers to complete an HNC and in some cases an HND.


On completion of your training you will recive a certificate for a Modern Appren ticeship in Engineering Technical Services.

Total apprenticeship training can be 3 – 4 years.


Here at P & J we can offer apprenticeship training to any age group, however, we receive a funding contribution from Skills Development Scotland for 16 – 19 year olds, 20 – 24 year olds and now 25+.

The amount will vary depending on the age of the apprentice.  

Please contact Dee on 01505 323026 or email

Potential candidates should complete our application form and email this, together with a copy of your CV and your school/college qualifications to:-

Candidates should have school qualifications to a minimum of National 5 level C and above, some companies may also require Highers  in the following subjects:

  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Physics or Chemistry
  • Design & Manufacture or Graphic Communication
  • Plus a practical subject e.g. Engineering Skills, Woodwork etc.,